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1988 Front Wheel Bearing/Hub Assembly For The ‘88 Fiero

As read in the September/October Issue of Fiero Focus 2013

Rodney Dickman recently released his new front wheel bearing/hubs for the ‘88 Pontiac Fiero. This front wheel bearing/hub assembly was only used for one year, and the only GM car to use it was the ‘88 Pontiac Fiero. The original GM part was #7466939. A number of years ago these bearings were discontinued by GM. Leftover OEM ‘88 Fiero GM bearings were also sold thru auto parts suppliers in boxes with various vendor names on the carton, but they were all from this same bearing manufacturer that supplied them to GM for the 1988 Fiero production run. The supply of these also dried up around the same time. One company made all the OEM GM ‘88 Fiero front wheel bearing/hubs in the late 1980's. This company closed several years ago.
     There have been two aftermarket versions of this ‘88 Fiero front wheel bearing/hub that have been made in the last few years, with limited success. The ball bearings in these aftermarket ‘88 Fiero wheel bearing/hubs are significantly smaller in diameter than the ball bearings used in the OEM GM hubs.
     Rodney Dickman's front bearing/hubs use tapered roller bearings. which provides a significantly larger amount of bearing surface than ball bearings. Why did GM use ball bearings? Ball bearing hubs have slightly less rolling resistance and provide a small gas mileage increase. This minimal difference is negligible. Rodney’s new bearing/hub is a heavy duty, double tapered roller bearing design that is quality designed and built, and should last for many thousands of trouble free miles. While not promoted or marketed for racing use, this bearing is currently being used on some ‘88 chassis cars in racing applications. Feedback has been positive, with no malfunctions. The other two aftermarket bearings have not held up when used on an ‘88 Fiero in a racing environment.
     There is a good guideline for installation at: http://home.comcast.net/~fierocave/fbearing.htm. Pricing is $159.99 each, or $299.99 per pair which saves you $20.00 when you buy two. I suggest that if you develop a bad bearing/hub, buy and install two; if one is going bad, the other one is not far behind!

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