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Who are we?
Established in 1991 and incorporated in the state of Illinois in 1994, the Northern Illinois Fiero Enthusiasts have grown to about 350 members in 35 states, and 3 countries. We meet monthly either in activities or meetings to exchange information and ideas to preserve the excitement of the Pontiac Fiero. Club activities include car cruises, car shows, parades, regional and national Fiero events, picnics and fall color tours throughout Illinois and the Midwest.
What is our Goal?
To provide an exchange forum dedicated to the care, preservation, and positive publication of the Pontiac Fiero.
NIFE Board Members
NIFE Board Member Group E-mail: NIFEboard@fierofocus.com
Jim Hallman
Naperville, IL
Car(s): '88 White GT

Bio: I am founder of our club which originated back in October of 1991 with eleven people. After so many years, I have yet to loose enthusiasm in maintaining our club because of the over 350 members we have. I have met so many club members that are now personal friends; the Fiero brought us together, but the relationships keep us together. 
Mark Soeldner
Membership Director
Wheaton, IL
Car(s): '85 White SE

Bio: I joined NIFE in April of 2010 shortly after inheriting my mother's white '85 Sport Coupe which she had purchased new. It was her daily driver. I find it to be a very fun car to drive and understand why she kept it all those years. I use it for pleasure drives, car shows, and club events, storing it in the winter.
Ken Nagel
Club Secretary
Park City, IL
Car(s): '86 Black GT

Bio: Driving got to be a chore. Then in May of 2008 I bought an 86 GT. Driving was fun again. I use my car most every day. I really love that I can take my "daily driver" to car shows and still attract attention! I Joined NIFE in 2009 and I'm always looking forward to the next event! 
Jeff Jones
Activity Director
Yorkville, IL
Car(s): '86 Black GT

Bio: I joined NIFE in 2011 shortly before purchasing my 88GT.   Back in 1987 I had a 84 Sport Coupe for the summer.  I had not thought about Fieros much until I found my 88GT in 2011.  Since then I have gotten very hooked very quickly.   I have enjoyed many NIFE and MWFC events and look forward to serving as Activity Director and keeping the Excitement going.
Art Hall
Activity Director
Wheaton, IL
Car(s): '87 Silver SC

Bio: I bought my Fiero new in early 1987.  I was putting a lot of miles on the car I had at the time and thought it would be prudent to have a "backup".  I had always liked the looks of the Fiero and thought it was very innovative.  Since joining NIFE in 2010, I've learned a lot about the care and maintenance of my Fiero.  I try to do as much work as I can on my car, and the club is a great resource for tips and resources.  Fellow members are very generous in sharing their experiences and wisdom.   
Activity Director


Bill Klicker
IT Director
Poplar Grove, IL
Car(s): '86 White GT

Bio: I remember being aware of the Fiero buzz back in high school in the mid-eighties.  In high school and through college, I drove a 1969 Cadillac.  I loved that car, but the body & drive train were starting to show their age.  I always wanted a Corvette, but wasn't in the budget for a recent college graduate.  I started looking at Fiero's & eventually stumbled across a white '86 GT for sale by owner, which I purchased.  In November of 2000, I took on the role of NIFE Webmaster, after our previous webmaster, Byron Daugherty moved out of state and have enjoyed working on our website along with Mike Kroyer ever since.
Mike Kroyer
Art/Web Director
Woodstock, IL
Car(s): '87 Med. Red Metallic Coupe

Bio: I joined NIFE in July of 1997 after I purchased my '87 Med Red Metallic Coupe from a Saturn dealership in Elgin, IL. I am now in my 13th year with the club, and I have enjoyed working with the club and it's members in producing our award winning Fiero Focus Magazine. I have meet so many club members/Fiero owners that are now friends.
Fiero Focus Magazine Team
NIFE Fiero Focus Magazine Team Group E-mail: magteam@fierofocus.com
Christopher Sass
Highland, MI
Car(s): '85 White SC
Ken Brown
Image Direction
Aurora, IL
Car(s): '88 White Formula
Allison Sass
Elgin, IL
Christian Sass
Art Direction
Elgin, IL
Car(s): '88 Red T-Top Formula
Ken Nagel
Park City, IL
Car(s): '86 Black GT

Mark Soeldner
Membership Director
Wheaton, IL
Car(s): '85 White SE
Retired Board Members
Rich Benanti
Sun City, AZ
Car(s): '87 Blue GT

Bio: I am one of the eleven original charter members from 1991.  I designed the club logo and helped name the club along with Jim.  I've been a long time board member and have enjoyed serving as your Vice President and President while Jim took a rest from the duties.  I also enjoyed working on the display for the 2003 World of Wheels.  You may also remember the many fall color tours Carol & I scouted out and put together.  We now live in Arizona and miss all our friends and NIFE activities.
Paul Vargyas
Lisle, IL
Car(s): '88 Red T-Top GT V8

Bio: I joined NIFE in 1993 after reading an article about the collectability of the 88GT, and then purchasing a 88GT identified as one of the top 10 on the list. A couple of months later I found a 86SE that needed work, and the rest is history. I have owned multiple Fiero's over the years, and continue to enjoy Fiero's along with the many enthusiasts I have met in the Fiero community. I continue to function as NIFE's membership director, club treasurer and merchandise fulfillment center.
NIFE Member Of The Year
Welcome to the Member Of The Year page. In this section we honor fellow NIFE members who have gone above
and beyond in their role as a club member to help our club continue to be a viable, vibrant organization.
We thank each one for their support in the success of our club.

Click here to see the tribute page
NIFE in Memoriam
Welcome to the Memorial page of our website. Here we honor fellow club members who have passed away.
These members were active participants in club events and many were former board members of our club.
For the important role they played in our club's history, we honor these members who made a significant
contribution to the Northern Illinois Fiero Enthusiasts which in turn helped our club become what it is today.
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