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Episode 1
Dew Wipe Replacement
Episode 2
Upgrading to the '87-'88

Headlight Motor and Harness
Episode 3 (Ken Smith)
Replacing the '84-'88
4 cyl. dog bone
Episode 4 (Ken Smith)
Oil Change
Episode 5 (Ken Smith)
Changing the Gas Filter

Part 1 and Part 2
Episode 6 (Ken Smith)
Replacing the stock radio
Episode 7 (Ken Smith)
Installing/Replacing your
front speakers
Episode 8 (Ken Smith)
Grocery Capacity of a

Pontiac Fiero
Episode 9
84-86 Headlight rebuild Motor
Episode 10
Cautionary Tale
(Ken Smith)
Episode 11
Headliner Repair (Ken Smith)
Episode 12
Replacing Fiero Front
Speaker Grille
(Ken Smith)
Episode 13
How to Repair Your Fiero Center Stack & Shifter Panel
(Ken Smith)
Episode 14
Interior Parts for Your
Pontiac Fiero
(Ken Smith)
Episode 15
How to Diagnose and repair
a broken horn
(Mark Clay)
Episode 16
Powder Coating 101 - Pt.1
(Ken Smith)
Episode 17
Powder Coating 101 - Pt. 2
(Ken Smith)
Episode 18
Wet-Sanding, Buffing and Polishing Automotive Paint
101 - Pt. 1 (Ken Smith)
Episode 19
Wet-Sanding, Buffing and Polishing Automotive Paint
101 - Pt. 2 (Ken Smith)
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