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Grocery Capacity of a Pontiac Fiero

Thank you to NIFE Member Ken Smith for this video

Published on December 13, 2007
And it could have held twice this much, and even more in the second trunk up front.

So, Pontiac Solstice sales are down, after the initial mad rush to be on the waiting list? Who woulda thunkit.

After the ones who just HAD to be the first to own what is essentially a four-wheeled motorcycle, who else would be buying?
Certainly not people who might reasonably expect a sports car to hold a few bags of groceries, or a 50-pound sack of potting soil, or 40 brick
pavers, or a duffle bag and backpack for a weekend trip. All of which I can and have carried in the front and rear trunks of Old Red.

Parking lot doughnuts, burnouts, drifting and 180's are all a blast. But sometimes, practicality trumps Big Fun. It's a pretty safe bet Bob Lutz
doesn't shop for his own groceries, or he never would have approved the Solstice for production with that ridiculous "trunk".

It should be a never-ending source of embarrassment for him and his engineers that the Miata folding hardtop has more trunk space with the
top down than the Solstice's folding soft-top has with the top UP.

And as the owner of two GM cars that were designed and built here in America, I'm entitled to rip GM up, down and sideways.

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