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Thank you to NIFE Member Ken Smith for this video

Cautionary Tale of What Can Happen to an Iron Duke if the cam gear breaks.

Published on 
November 14, 2015

It took four months, but my Fiero is finally back home after a catastrophic Iron Duke engine failure on July 16, 2015

The cam gear, which on Iron Dukes is made of a pressed fiber material called Micarta (and meshes with the metal crankshaft gear),
shattered and allowed the cam to walk its way into the engine block. That threw off the timing and destroyed the valves and valve lifters,
and cracked the valve guides, which destroyed the cylinder head.

3 months, one new cylinder head and camshaft gear and many hours of labor later, my car was ready. It took another three weeks to
get the money together to pay for it all. But that's water under the bridge. My car is back home, and after 31 years
of faithful service (I've now had this car MORE THAN HALF MY LIFE), the wait was worth it.

As always, many, many thanks to Dave Armstrong at M&D Auto Care, a factory-trained Fiero mechanic without whose
expertise my car would surely have ended up in the junkyard. If your Fiero has a mechanical problem you can't solve,
he's the man to see.

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