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Meet-A-Member of the Month
Joe Stefinsky
As read in the June/July 2015 Issue

By: Mike Kroyer
City: Cary State: IL Year: 1986 Model: GT Mileage: 52,533
Engine: 2.8L V6 Transmission: Auto Ext. Color: Red Interior Color: Grey Power Windows: Yes
A/C: Yes Power Locks: Yes Power Mirrors: Yes Sun Roof: Yes  

The first question that is asked is why I joined NIFE. Well, I have always been a Pontiac fan. I have owned almost all of the Pontiacs models through the years except for a Fiero. I look forward to the gatherings and the many events that NIFE offers. My Meet-A-Member will not be as long as most others since I have recently joined the club, but I can fill you in on more when I see you at a local car show or cruise night.

I first heard about the Fiero back in 1984 through publications and TV, before they hit the showroom. I really did not become interested in the Fiero until I test drove a ’88 Formula. Unfortunately, at the time, I could not buy one, so I had to wait a few years until March 17, 2013.

I do not remember the exact amount I paid, but it was somewhere between $3,000-$6,000. I mentioned to my wife that I would like to buy a Fiero and she said, “Go ahead”, but it would have to be an automatic so she could also drive it. When my wife and I purchased the Fiero, my quest for ownership was now complete. The Fiero was the missing piece in my Pontiac puzzle and now the puzzle is complete. I really have not put that many miles on the GT since purchasing it; less than 200 so far.

With driving so few miles I have not experienced any major issues with the GT except that the battery will run low and I have replaced the inner manifold. Besides replacing the inner manifold, I have replaced the driver’s side seat cover with one that is a perfect match. I plan on keeping the car stock.

So far the most memorable time I have had driving the GT is when we participated in Pontiac Night at the Cary, IL cruise night on Wednesday’s during the summer. The GT got a lot of attention that night. Besides the GT, I am the original owner to a ’06 Torrent Sport, the first year Pontiac made a SUV. I would love to get my hands on a ’72-’74 Trans Am. Having been manufactured by GM, my Fiero GT has a 2.8L V6 engine, and plastic body panels, I tell all the Corvette owners I see that, “The only thing different between my car and theirs is 2 cylinders”. I probably would not purchase another Fiero at this time since I am still really enjoying my first Fiero.
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