Tech-Tip - Warning Chimes Modifications...

by: Ron Dittmer

If your warning chime has been more irritating than helpful, you may want to Consider modifying it's mating connector to stop a particular chiming condition. These modifications are reversible, so if you change your mind, there are no problems in putting it back to the original condition.

Some people pull out the blue chime unit which kills every chime warning, but I appreciate a few warning notices. There are two chime conditions that I disconnected for my preferences.

1) Parking Brake Chime Warning - I have a stick shift, so when I'm parked with the motor running and the P-Brake engaged, I don't want to hear the chime. Besides, there is an indicator light in the dash board to remind me.

2) Key In Ignition Chime Warning - I enjoy listening to the stereo while I m detailing my Fiero but when the key is turned to the accessory position to power up the radio, it chimes with the doors open. Since the doors are open all the time during my detailing, this becomes a real irritation.

I simply removed the appropriate terminals from the connector itself. This way, if I ever reconsider my decision, original condition.

To remove a connector pin, you must first remove the clear/white plastic retainer that is positioned across all the pins. It is slid out from the side. Get a nail that is 1/16" in diameter. Hammer the tip so it is about half the diameter. Each pin has a "T" shape opening in the plastic housing. Insert the nail at the base of the "T", between the plastic and metal pin. This notch measures about 1/8" wide. Then simply pull the wire and the pin slips out. Insulate the dangling pin with electrical tape or a rubber boot. Replace the clear/white plastic retainer.

I can reinsert them back to the factory

Each metal pin has a tab that locks it into the black connector. Inserting the nail bends this tab inward so the lock is released. If you want to reinstall a pin, make sure the locking tab is protruding out, so the pin gets locked into it's position, and does not pop out when the chime is plugged in.

Follow the chart and illustration for identification of the wires. Once you have decided on what you want modified, remove the correlating connector pin.

[ 8 7 6 5 ]
[ 4 3 2 1 ]
.....[--] <- Locking tab for Blue Chime Box.

1: Pink with Black Stripe - IGNITION INPUT

2: Yellow - Seat Belt Light in Dash

3: Black - MAIN GROUND

4: Black - Sealt Belt Warning Chime

5: Tan with White Stripe - Parking Brake Warning Chime

6: Light Green - Key in Ignition Warning Chime

7: Orange 2 Wires - POWER INPUT

8: Gray - Lights Are On Warning Chime

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