Tech-Tip - Do-It-Yourself Fiero Cup Holder...

by Paul R. Castle

The lack of space provided for cups was a disappointment in the Fiero. I had seen a commercial cup holder on the market that sat in the gear shift area but it appeared bulky and clumsy. Another was designed for the flat area on top of the radio console but, if you had the V-6, this space was taken up by added gauges. Cupholder

Nosing through an auto parts store. I found a cup holder/loose-iterm tray manufactured by the Rubber Queen Company and designed to sit on the hump in front of the seat or between the seats of a conventional rear-wheel drive automobile.

Using a hot knife (a fine-toothed saw blade would also work), I cut off the curved brackets designed to fit over the car's central hump. Although this left a flat tray, the edges were not very neat looking. Fortunately, I had some leftover vinyl trim from a former project. This trim, which was purchased from J.C. Whitney, was called "flexible interior trim for vans and RVs". The trim fitted perfectly around the bottom of the tray giving it a professional look.

A piece of pine board was cut to match the hollow on the underside of the tray. Four screws held the board onto the tray. The board acted as a spacer and also became the means for attaching upholstery material.

The upholstery material which was long enough to straddle the central armrest, was stapled onto the bottom of the board. Upholstery fabric was chosen because of its wearability and an added bonus was that its texture and color were similar to the Fiero's seats. Velcro strips held the tray firmly in place on the console by attaching to the Fiero's carpeting; and the Velcro also allows the tray to be easily removed if so desired.

I have used the tray for ten years now in two Fieros and am really pleased with it. Most people who have seen it believe it is a Fiero option because it blends so well with the interior. The tray provides space for two beverage containers, sunglasses, change and other miscellaneous items for which Pontiac made no provision. There is still a small amount of armrest, and the tray's convenience makes up for any loss in elbow room. Also the tray does not interfere with the glove box door.

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