Powder Coating & Ceramic Coating by Paul Vargyas

To have a part look like new, having it powder coated brings back the new look, and also applies a coating that will last many years without fading or rusting. Ceramic coating of exhaust parts keeps heat away from the engine compartment by insulating the exhaust. I have recently had several items powder coated and others ceramic coated. I have been very pleased with the results. The work was done by Terry Peterson at Performance Powder Coating, 1211 Badger, Yorkville, IL. 60560. 630-553-1642. Yorkville is located along route 47, just south of Route 34. Terry has been in this business for over 15 years and knows his business. There is more than one way to have something ceramic coated; Terry offers top quality. Powder coating can be done in almost any color from his color charts, or in clear. Some examples of ceramic coating prices: Fiero OE exhaust manifolds are $100.00 per pair including polishing, a complete set of FOCOA V6 tuned headers and down pipe is $260.00, and a stock Fiero V6 Y pipe is $100.00. Powder coating prices (may vary with condition of your part): throttle body $35.00, center intake manifold $35.00, engine vent covers $25.00 ea., intake plenum $60.00 (matches the factory red very nicely). If you have a question or want to get more information, give Terry a call.


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