LiteGlow Headlight Housings by Dave Kopielski

These headlight housings replace your sealed beam headlights and accept a standard H4 halogen bulb. The cost for the set was $34.95. The quality on initial inspection looks to be very good. The kits came with a halogen H4 bulb tinted blue to simulate the newer HID headlight systems and put out a "true white" light. The bulbs mount from the rear and a rubber weather seal is used. The problem with these is the thickness of the outside lip. It is thinner than a regular sealed beam bulb, so when mounting into your Fiero headlight frame it is loose and rattles. To keep them from rattling a bead of clear RTV can be used. Once mounted, they were tested at night. The light is "whiter" but the pattern that the lens puts out doesn't light up the road very well. They do look better, but for regular night use I would stick with the sealed beam halogen units. I would not recommend the LiteGlow Headlight Housings.


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