Indy Pace Car Decals by Paul Vargyas

When the 2000 Indy replica pace cars were produced back in 1984, the cars were shipped from the factory with a 1” lower facia “fader” stripe applied to them. This red “checkerboard” stripe was applied approx. 1/16” above the gray aero trim all around the car. The rear decklid had the “Indy Fiero” decal applied. The wheels had a 3/16” red stripe applied around the polished outer lip. The balance of the Indy decal package was included with the car when shipped to the dealer, but was only installed if the buyer elected to do so. If the buyer did not want the decals installed, the “kit” was given to the buyer for future use as desired. The kit consisted of a window decal, (solid PONTIAC letters), and door decals that said ‘Official Pace Car, 68th Indianapolis 500, May 27th, 1984’. Many Indy cars were later re-sold without the decal kit included from the original owner(s), so were never installed. Many owners are now refurbishing their Indy cars, and in the process, are looking for a new decal kit.

Fortunately there are some choices for purchasing these decals. The first is Paul Mckibben, from Norcross, GA. Paul has available the following decals for the Indy Fiero:

Indy Fiero rear decklid decal $20.00

PONTIAC windshield decal $40.00

Door decals $40.00 per side (2 needed)

Wheel rings $20.00 set of 4

Total of $160.00.

If ordered as a set, deduct 20% or $32.00 for a net price of $128.00.

Paul does not offer the red  “fade” stripe due to the complexity of producing it, and the resulting cost. However, not all is lost, because the fade stripe is available separately from Phoenix Graphix in Chandler, AZ. Phoenix Graphics sells the package of windshield decal, door decals, rear deck decal, and fade stripe for a advertised price of $219.00, but will generally sell this kit for $199.00 plus shipping (note that the wheel stripe is not included). Most importantly, they will also sell the 40’ fade stripe separate for $69.95, plus shipping. The stripe actually comes on a roll that contains 5 each 8’ pieces. Paul Mckibben can be reached at, or via phone at: 770-409-0719. Phoenix graphics has a web site showing their products at: Their phone # is 800-941-4550.

I have just applied a set of Paul Mckibben’s decals, along with the Phoenix Graphix fade stripe. Good quality products, and easy to apply! Paul also offers many other decals and new sail panels with choice of graphics. See his sail panel selection at:


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