Headlight Motors by Paul Vargyas

When your headlight motors start going bad, you have several choices for repair or replacement. If you have an 87 or 88 Fiero, in almost all cases, replacing the delrin bushings inside the housing fixes the problem. Over the years, these bushings have deteriorated, allowing the motor to “spin” when used. You can get replacement delrin bushings from www.RodneyDickman.com. Cost is $4.95 per motor. If you have one motor going bad, might as well order two sets…the other one is probably not far behind. If you have an 84-86 Fiero, Rodney has a rebuild kit for $21.50 per motor for a new gear and two “bumpers”. You can also get the brush/contact assembly for $24.00.

Another alternative is to order the 84-86 motors already rebuilt! You can get these from David Solt in Frisco, TX. David’s web site www.fiero-headlights.com lists everything you need to know, and the prices for rebuilds where you send him your "cores" up front as a "rebuilding service" is $30.00 for 84-86 and $12.50 for the 87-88’s.  The other option is to buy rebuilt motors at $45.00 (84-88) and then send him your cores for a refund ($15.00 for 84-86 and $35.00 for 87-88). Of course you don't have to send cores at all, you can just purchase the rebuilt motors and not ever send cores back. Cost is $45.00 per motor plus shipping. Dave does a nice job, replacing the plastic gear and any other worn components. Take a look at his web site or you can email him at: solt@rsn.hp.com.


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