Drivebelt Tensioner by Jim Hallman

Tired of using a crow bar, nail puller or your longest screwdriver to apply tension to your alternator or A/C compressor as you attempt to tighten the hold-down bolt to get just the right amount of tension applied to your drivebelts? Help has arrived thanks to J.C. Whitney! The part# 15ZX6161X Instant Belt Tightener will make replacing and adjusting the tension on your Fiero’s drivebelts so much easier!

The tensioner consists of a 3.5” long nut with a 3” long screw with angled ‘feet’ on both ends.  Simply adjust the tensioner to be snug between two pulleys (in the V6 either the alternator and the crankshaft pulley or the A/C compressor and the crankshaft pulley). To apply tension, use a ¾” crescent wrench and turn the nut until you have reached the desired tension.

When you have the proper tension, tighten the hold-down bolt and loosen the tensioner to remove it from in between the two components. Although space is limited to getting only quarter-turns on the tensioner nut, the job of trying to juggle your crow bar while tightening the hold down bolt is now so much easier. You can reach J.C. Whitney at 800-529-4486 or visit the website at lists the price at $7.99 each. What a deal!


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