Detailing Products by James Wille

Like all Fiero owners, I have had some problems & repairs and have tried a lot of automotive products. First for quick detailing and a wet, high gloss look finish on your car, I like and use “Eagle One” brand spray & wipe wet polish. I have used the product for a couple of years and it works great! All you do is spray, wipe, and lightly buff with a soft cloth. The car looks great and has that wet look finish. As long as the car is not real dirty, but only slightly dusty, it can be used. Neighbors and friends always ask me what I use, and when they try it, they say it really does work! I used it on my wife’s car, and someone at her work asked her how come her car is always so shiny and what wax or polish she used.  She told them and they tried it and liked it a lot. They too said it does work.  It’s available at Pep Boys, K-Mart, and other stores. 

Another neat product I tried were the headliner screw clips, called “Saggy Stoppers” by Heads-up Corp.  I screwed these on my sagging headliner and they work great also.  Just buy a couple of packages and install them neatly, measuring when installing.  If done right it looks professional.  My wife said it looks like it was made that way; the button, tucked look.  Besides it is a lot easier then replacing the whole headliner.  Only found these at Pep Boys! 

One more product I tried, was the K & N replacement lifetime air filters.  These high flow filters are made of a super thin cloth material and can be cleaned and reused year after year.  Also lets more air flow to the intake.  I think the car runs quicker and breathes better!  Found filter and cleaning kit at “The Fiero Store”. Hope you find these products useful! James Wille, Wooddale, IL. NIFE member#408


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