Feature - Why I Daily Drive My Fiero...

by Byron R. Daugherty

Reasons why I daily drive my Fiero:

Acura NSX: Honda's are only used to haul groceries.

Audi Avus: Frank threw it away.

Bugatti EB112: It's still on order (had to get that purple plaid interior)

Ferrari 355: The 1 year warrantee ran out.

Fiat X1/9: See Porsche 916.

Lamborghini Contach: I smashed the door backing out of the garage.

Lotus Esprit: Haven't gotten the seaweed out of it since that James Bond movie.

Mercedes C112: They're still holding my $200,000.00 deposit to decide if they want to build it.

DeTomeso Pantera: Carroll Shelby borrowed it.

Porsche 916: Drove it through the morning fog (it rusted.)

Porsche 959: The EPA smashed it so Bill Gates can bring his in.

Toyota MR2: (1st generation) Mom's using it to hold her basement door open.

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