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by Byron R. Daugherty

At first glance, anyone would wonder why a person would want to change the wonderful look of the stock Fiero. However, there are a lot of people who think the car could look better, it needs to be individualistic to them, or it would be great if people thought they had a much more expensive and exclusive automobile. Rebodies have been around for a while. Most of them used Mustang II or VW Beetle chassis. However, none of those cars offer the flexibility of the Fiero. It's naturally a mid-engined car, nor rear or front. Also, the mill & drill setup of the body panels makes it easy to manufacture body parts that just need to match up with the stock points.
After viewing the video Paul Vargyas loaned me on how to remove your body panels in about 45 minutes, I was astounded how fast and easy the Fiero is! The big hitch comes to the roof section, and, mostly, cars with T-Tops. T-Top cars have the roof trim riveted on.
Let's start right into the meat. Here follow's examples of PISA's body kits currently available for your Fiero:

The Artero is another one that without any frame extesnion, will not look close to a real Lamborghini Diablo, but does have a nice resemblance with clean lines. It costs $5,000 without lights, shipping and crating. More Info from PISA:
The Artero was engineered by Automotive Concept & Design, designers of the Scorpion Kit (available through PISA). The Artero Kit replaces all Fiero body panels except the front hood and roof. Estimated installation time is 75 hours. No structural or mechanical modifications are required to the Fiero Chassis to install the Artero Kit. The Artero thus preserves the GM-engineered structure for safety while transforming the mid-engine Fiero into a one -of-a-kind exotic sports car.
·Length - 164 inches
·Width - 77.5 inches
·Height - 47 inches
·Wheelbase - 93.4 inches

NIFE broke the Finale story before most people even knew about it. Yes, we published drawings of this rebody before any Fiero club. This kit was made by a driver for the Lotus Racing Team who wanted to make his Fiero look like a new European GT. And it does! Stunning is the only word that fits. It wowed the crowd at the Dells and took 1st in the rebody class. PISA now offers this kit for sale at $5,500 excluding lights, shipping and crating. More Info from PISA:
The Finale body bolts on to most of the same mounting points as the original Fiero Plastic Body Panels. Replaces the Fiero pop-up head lights with new Chevy Camaro head lights. Tail lights are from a Land Rover. Uses all original door, front & rear deck lid hinges & locks. Air Management — Scoops are functional to increase cooling of brakes & engine compartment. Quarter window is transparent to maintain safe driving visibility. Complete assembly manual — estimated installation time is 100 hours.

I saw the yellow GT40 in person. It looks very convincing from the front, but the length is short compared to the real thing. I liked that the whole rear pivoted open hinged on the back bumper. Think of it as the Corvette clamshell hood backwards. Cost is $6,998, without shipping & crating. More Info from PISA:
Kit is manufactured in Arizona by ASPP (formerly NAF). PISA Corp. is an authorized distributor of ASPP. Kit includes:
·Front body - complete with inner panels.
·Rear body - complete with inner panels.
·Rocker panels - R&L.
·Door skins - R&L.
·Front hood.
·Light assemblies.
·Lemans-style gas cap.
·Rear deck louvre panel.

The Scorpian is it's own animal. It's a custom designed body for Fiero. I have seen one in public. To me, it looked like a rounded dream race car from the ‘60s. It's $5,500, and PISA doesn't include lights, shipping and crating for that price. More Info from PISA:
Designed to be "builder friendly." The tedious problems of construction have been eliminated to make building a joy and not an endless task. It is built with quality materials by craftsmen who know their trade. Those same craftsmen are the ones who designed each component; since they knew they would be installing the parts, they engineered them with ease of construction in mind.
Engineered with experience. The Scorpion was designed and engineered by Automotive Concept & Design of Phoenix, Arizona. With over 30 years of combined experience in the Kit Car industry, Automotive Concept & Design has been behind the scene designing and developing Kit Cars for other manufacturers. After many months of design, prototyping, engineering and construction, they finally introduced their own Kit Car the Scorpion.
·Length - 168 inches
·Width - 77.5 inches
·Height - 47 inches
·Wheelbase - 93.4 inches

The XTC/GT is another car that is a free form design and not a copy of an existing car. It's reminiscent of a Ferrari with Corvette taillights. This kit costs $5,500 without lights, shipping and crating. More Info from PISA:
All pieces are finished in sandable primer gelcoat. All grill work assemblies are made of mild stainless screen type of extrusions. All brackets are bonded to the body either mechanically or laid up in the original molding process.
The XTC/gt kit includes 13 easy to install body panels and complete accessories. The XTC/gt has been engineered with you in mind. The 13 body panels are of the utmost ease to fit and finish. All original, factor style innerliners. No secondary fabrications is needed, no extra fasteners have to be purchased.
·Length - 175 inches
·Width - 77.5 inches
·Height - 46.0 inches
·Wheelbase - 93.4 inches

Now, this one I never really understood. Why would you want to make your Fiero look like a Corvette, in fact, the car that helped the Fiero's production stop? But, apparently some do! This kit costs $3,750 (not including lights, shipping & crating). More Info from PISA:
ZR-2 Street Wing - F40 style, wraparound rear wing. Will fit stock Fiero Fastback GT. Can be bolted on or glassed in to give a smooth look. ZR-2 Fiero GT Quarter Glass Scoops - Side air scoops fit the Fastback GT. Opaque with mesh covered air opening. ZR-2 Front End - Attaches to stock mounting points of any Fiero. Includes license plate cover. Will work with stock Fiero Doors and Rocker Panels. Includes lights. ZR-2 Rocker Panels - Pair of integrated ground effect and side air scoop parts that run from wheelwell to wheelwell. Air Scoops aid in engine cooling. ZR-2 Front Hood Scoop - Fits on Fiero front hood. Similar to late model Corvette cowl induction shape. Trimming and bonding required. ZR-2 Rear Clip/Bumper - One piece rear clip, totally replaces stock rear quarter panel and bumper. Attaches to stock chassis points. Designed to work with Fiero Notchback Deck Lid & Engine Grills. New Rear Deck Lid Cover & lights included.

More cars and manufacturers will be added soon...

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