Fiero Tid-Bit: ‘Coupe’


Dr. Trivia here.....I've got something to pass away a few minutes of your lunch break.

The name ‘coupe’ appears frequently when talking about Fieros.  In particular, the non-GT ‘fastback’ models.  Pontiac literature even refers to the non-GT designation exclusively as ‘the coupe’.

The word ‘coupe’ is of French origin.  Originally, it was used to describe a closed carriage with two seats inside and one outside. It was pronounced something like ‘koo-paw’ with the accent over the ‘e’.

Back in the post WWI days, a variation of ‘coupe’ (again, the accent really goes over the ‘e’, not behind it) was used to describe a closed two-door automobile with only one seat (which could seat more than one passenger, by the way).  The accent was dropped, the term became ‘coupe’ and was simply pronounced like ‘koop’.  The term Sedan was adopted to describe a closed 2 or 4 door car with two seats (one in front and one in back).  Ironically, sedan was first used to describe a chair carried by two people with two poles.  How it came to be applied to a particular type of car is unknown.  Of course, we all know what a convertible is, so no definition is needed there.  To my knowledge, official automodia has not changed these designations - although GM apparently attempted to.

All Fieros are indeed coupes.  Not just the ‘notchback’ cars, but the GT ‘fastbacks’, too. That's right, folks!  In Fierodome we have the ‘notchback’ style coupe and the ‘fastback’ style GT coupe.  GM misapplied the descriptor when it made it sound like only the ‘notchback’ body style was a coupe.  Of course, there are those who also take offense to the designators GT and Formula being applied to an over-the-counter American road car.  But, hey, the Fiero has some Italian blood lines and an Italian name, so in my mind that is OK.  We will divert the purist to focus on the transgressions of Ford giving an Escort the GT badge (blasphemy!)

My apologies to (other) GT owners if I messed up your perception of the world. I just knew everyone was waiting for this.......


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