Subject: (Fiero) Remolding Torn GT Facias- $130 makes your nose new again.



Standard Fiberglass body filler ( Bondo type) may work well on plastic or fiberglass panels but it will never produce a satisfactory and lasting repair on Fiero front and rear bumper facias.

Small tears in Fiero bumper facias can be successfully repaired with flexible parts epoxy and surface imperfections filled with 3M Profill flexible filler. However, if your facia is badly damaged or stretched, it may require replacement with a new or good used unit or can be professionally remolded.

Good used GT rear facias seem to be available and easy to find, but GT nose facias are becoming rare in my area. If my experience is an indication, the used supply is low and this facia is in high demand. As a result, I have been quoted exorbitant prices on used GT nose facias from some parts dealers in the $175- $200 range. In my opinion ( and remember it's only my opinion), used nose facias are not worth this kind of money. You can buy new GT nose facias but they are even more expensive in the $225-$275 range. I, for one, will not pay these prices.

I have found an alternative to the high cost of OEM or used replacement facias. Keystone Automotive Industries in Kenilworth, NJ (They're also in PA. and other states) will professionally remold a front or rear Fiero facia for $130.00. The repairs are done with a heat welding and reforming process which actually melts the urethane plastic and molds the facia back into a monolithic form. The facias are first cleaned and all of the paint is stripped off using plastic parts stripper; then they are reformed and remolded by heat. The finished, repaired bumper facias look like new again and Keystone claims will provide equivalent new performance. The turn around time is 3-4 days. I would think that this method of facia repair is done by other firms elsewhere in the US and will become more common as the supply of GT nose facias become more scarce.

So, if you want to keep your restoration costs inline and avoid getting the shaft next time you're in the market for a GT facia nose, you don't have to pay more than $130 ever again! I'm now going out for bids to other facia repair companies that offer the same service in the hope that I can get the price down even lower-perhaps below $100!

Dennis LaGrua, New Jersey - taken off the Internet

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