Fiero Interior Disassembly:

by Andy Szavay


Disassemble at your own risk!

Part 4: Final installment in a series

Interior Trim Removal (and 86-88 rear speakers):

Tools required:

T-50 Torx wrench (for seatbelt removal)

small flat screwdriver

medium phillips screwdriver

1/4Ē drive socket wrench or possibly a hand-held cordless power tool

7 mm socket

variety of extensions for the 1/4Ē socket wrench



Removing the interior trim pieces is pretty straightforward. On the driverís side, the lower door trim is held on with (5) 7 mm screws. (This is rather difficult to remove with the seats still in the car.) You must first pry off the small round gray(or tan) cover caps located on the lower trim piece with a small flat screwdriver. After removing the screws, it should be carefully maneuvered around the parking brake on the driverís side; the passenger side is easier because there is obviously no parking brake. The rear trim pieces by the seatbelt (behind the seat) requires the removal of the phillips screw in the door jam above the striker as well as the (T-50 torx) seatbelt bolt which is above the fuel door (driverís side only) release lever. After these are removed, the panel should be carefully maneuvered out. Donít forget to snake the seatbelt out of the panel. (On 86-88 cars, there are rear speakers located above the seatbelt bolt and behind the panel. These speakers can be removed with a 7 mm socket wrench.) The moldings along the front pillar are clipped on, they need to be carefully pried off.


Visor / Dome Lights / Headliner Removal:

Tools required:

T-15 Torx wrench

small flat screwdriver

medium phillips screwdriver



The sun visors are held on with (3) phillips screws; remember the orientation of the visor when you remove it, because if the bracket is turned, it wonít reinstall properly. The dome light cluster is held on with (4) T-15 torx screws. There are two of them in the indentation where the visor clips in, and there are two behind the outer light bulbs, (the outer rectangular plastic lenses must be pried out with a small flat blade screwdriver to get access to them). After removing the screws, the light cluster should drop right down. Unplug the electrical harness and remove the assembly.


The sunroof latch cover is held on with (1) phillips screw.

The 3rd brake light cover (86 - 88) is held on with (2) phillips screws.

After removing all of these, the headliner should come right off. (If your car is equipped with a sunroof, you must remove the colored rubber seal along the inside.) (If you chose not to remove the moldings along the pillars, the headliner will have to be slightly bent to remove it.)


This concludes this series of articles. I hope it has proven informative for all of you Fiero enthusiasts. If you have any further questions, comments, or need help, feel free to contact me and I will be glad to assist.

Andy Szavay ††††††††††††††† (630) 983-7228†††††††††††††††

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