Fiero Toy Box by Ray Paulk – Part III

 In part three of this series, we will cover two more color variations in addition to the red we discussed in the last issue. First, Hot Wheels Fiero 2M4 – Yellow.

The Yellow Hot Wheels Fiero 2M4 is the most current release with 4 known variations to date.

1) Yellow body, black lower ground effects and a plain yellow hood, "Hot Wheels" logo decal in the lower right part of the windshield, 5 spoke chrome dish wheels.

2) As 1, but yellow ground effects, black parting trim and the word "Fiero" and a line drawing of the Pegasus symbol in black on the hood.

3) As 2, but "Hot Wheels" logo is on the right side just in front of the rear wheel.

4) As 3, but with 20 spoke chrome wire wheels.


#1 only came as part of the limited edition sets containing a Hot Wheels Highway Hauler truck and one of 5 different cars in a double blister pack. These were released during the holiday season 1996. The various trucks were printed with the name of the sponsoring store. There were 8 different limited edition sets: H.E.B., Hughes, Jewel, Lucky, Savon/Osco Drug, Shop Rite, Vons and Woolworth. These sets currently sell in the range of $10 to $20 depending upon rarity. These limited edition sets were also sold with 4 other different cars, but the same truck. The chain of Hughes Family Markets went out of business in the first quarter of '98. This continues to drive the price of the Hughes sets, which are difficult to get in the first place, into the range of $25 to $30.

#2, #3 and #4 were (are) all sold as single cars on a single blister pack. #2 was the initial release and is the rarest variation. Its value is in the range of $15 to $20 if you can find it.

#3 with the 5-spoke wheels, was a more recent release in limited supply mostly at smaller department and specialty stores. This model is normally found in a blister pack with the text "NEW!" in white on a red background corner tag although a few have been found with the text changed to "COOLEST TO COLLECT!" This package text is normally associated with #4.

#4 with the 20 spoke wheels, replaced #3 and is by far the most common. It is generally available, in quantity, through a wide variety of outlets including the larger chains like Wal-Mart and Toys-R-Us.

In 1997, a new group of Limited Edition Highway Hauler and car 2-pack sets were released. In 1998, there were reported to be 10 different cars issued and the stores have been able to pick the cars to be included in their set. So far sets have been reported for Kroger (Foods), Ralph's and Albertson's. But of these, only the Kroger set is known to be available with the Fiero. The Fiero in the 2-pack is #3.

The second is Hot Wheels Fiero 2M4 - Lime Green.

The 4th color paint scheme for the Hot Wheels 2M4 was lime green with gold metal flake. This model came in the following variations:

1). Lime green body with gold metal flakes, yellow interior, chrome "Hot Ones" wheels, new base-plate casting with no model name or number, made in "MALASIA".

2). As 1 except with chrome "Ultra Hot" wheels in chrome.

3). As 1 except with 7-spoke dished wheels in chrome.

4). As 1 except with 5-spoke dished wheels in chrome.

#3 and #4 were only offered in the Hot Wheels 2-level Car Wash sets. Also, note that these sets were issued with other cars. The particular car was shown in a package window in the lower right corner of the box.

Wheel variations:

a). "Hot Ones" - a convex solid inner donut (hole in center for axle) and a solid trim ring connected by 5 thin spokes {typical wheel on the 1st issue white/blk and the red model}

b). "Ultra Hot" wheels flat with 6 black strakes in 2 sets of 3 opposing each other.  {typical wheel on black and lime green models}

c). "Basic Wheel" with 5 triangular spokes much wider at the rim than hub. The spaces between the spokes form a small square. These look like the "Mag Wheels" of the 60's.

d). 7 Spoke dished - a replacement for the Ultra Hots for more realism. The spokes are long and somewhat triangular in shape being a bit wider near the hub.

e). 5 Spoke dished - another replacement for the Ultra Hots for realism. These spokes are uniform in width leaving small triangular openings between the spokes.  {common on the yellow model}

f). “Lace Wheel” – yet another replacement for the Ultra Hots for a different effect. The spokes are very thin and create a lace effect.


Let me know if anyone has variations which are not listed here. This is how we all learn.


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