Fiero Toy Box – Part 5 by Ray Paulk

This is the final installment in my series on Fiero Toys. In this edition, we will focus on Matchbox cars and plastic model kits. I hope you have enjoyed reading this series. I have enjoyed researching this for the betterment of the Fiero! If you know of any variances in the information listed, please let me know…read on!

Matchbox Miniature Series Model: MB-2E  "Pontiac Fiero"

 Note:  All variations had clear windows and a silver/gray interior – variations are based upon the listings by Charlie Mack of the Matchbox USA Collector’s Club.



           (1)                11/85                White upper body, dark blue lower body, baseplate: black "MADE IN MACAU", “8 dot” chrome

                                         “Superfast” wheels, Tempa: "85", "GOODYEAR", etc.

           (2)                2/86                as (1) except: “8 dot” gold wheels.

           (3)                4/86                as (1) except: “8 dot-dash” chrome wheels.

           (4)                7/86                Yellow upper body, orange lower body, baseplate: black "MADE IN MACAU" w/axle braces, 24

                                         spoke chrome "Starburst" wheels (improved “Superfast” design), Tempa: "16", "PROTECH", etc.

                                         (issued as SF19).

           (5)                10/86                as (1) except: base plate w/axle braces.

           (6)                12/86                as (4) except: “8 dot” silver wheels.

           (7)                3/87                White upper body, red lower body, baseplate: black "MADE IN MACAU" w/axle braces, “8 dot”

                                         chrome “Superfast” wheels, Tempa: orange stripes, "GT" on hood, "FIERO GT" on side.

           (8)                5/87                as (4) except: metallic gold lower body, light refracting "Laser" wheels (issued as LW19).

           (9)                3/88                Black upper body, red lower body, baseplate: black "MADE IN MACAU" w/axle braces, “8 dot”

                                         chrome “Superfast” wheels, Tempa: "2", "Dog", "RACING TEAM" (Hong Kong Promo). Special

                                         Note: This model was one of 12 Chinese Astrological Racing Cars made as a Hong Kong Promo

                                         for the Dragon Racing Team.

           (10)                ?/?                as (7) except:  baseplate: black "MADE IN CHINA" w/axle braces. Special Note: This baseplate

                                         reflects the opening of China to world trade. Matchbox, along with other diecasters, took vantage

                                         of this new, cheap labor force and relocated manufacturing from Macau to China.

           (11)                ?/93                Bright orange upper body, black lower body, baseplate: black "MADE IN CHINA" w/axle braces,

                                         24 spoke chrome "Starburst" wheels (improved “Superfast” design), Tempa: black flames on

                                        sides blending into orange upper body, "turbo" on hood. Special Note: This model was only

                                        available as part of the "TURBO STUNT SET" #42710, 1993.

  Model:  Turbo 2  "Pontiac Fiero" miniature, motorized, high performance diecast cars


Note: These models are based on the MB-2E. The rear of the body was enlarged to make room for the 2-speed, pull-back motor. The motor would give the car a slow start and a high-speed finish.

           (1)                11/87                White body, red and black tempa colors.

           (2)                11/87                Yellow body, orange and black tempa colors.


Fiero Plastic Kits:

 Here's the product code numbers of the models I have found that are Fieros:

Mfgr  No.            Model Description                 Scale                Copywrite

MPC  1-0883       Pontiac Fiero (2M4 Sport, Red/Tan)               1/25         ©1983 Fundimensions

MPC  1-0715       Pontiac Fiero (2M4 Sport, Black/Tan) 1/25                ©1984 Fundimensions

Monogram 2242  85 Fiero GT (Red/Tan)                              1/24         ©1984   Monogram

Monogram 2242 (Reissue of 2242)                                      1/24                ©1984/1994 Monogram

MPC  1-0778     '85 Pontiac Fiero (IMSA White/Gray)          1/25         ©1985 Fundimensions

MPC  6309        (Reissue of 1-0778 under Ertl)    1/25         ©198?  The Ertl Co.

MPC  6401        Pontiac Fiero GT (86 GT, Red/Gray)                1/25                ©1986 The Ertl Co.

MPC  6227        Pontiac Fiero GT (87 GT, Black/Tan)             1/25         ©1987 The Ertl Co.

MPC  6227        (As above but with 1988 shrink wrap)  1/25        ©1987 The Ertl Co.


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