Fiero Long Term Maintenance Schedule


Date Of Date Of

Area Of Service Suggested Service Frequency Last Service Next Service

Engine Oil & Filter At least every 6 months /

         Oil Check Valve Replace every 3-5 years /

Cooling System:

         Coolant Change fluid every 24-30 months /

         Thermostat Replace every 3 years /

Suspension System:

         Tires Replace every 10 years /

         Wheel Bearings Grease every 5-7 years /

         Shocks/Struts Replace every 5-10 years /

         Alignment Have checked every 3-5 years /


         Manual Change fluid every 10 years /

         Clutch Fluid Change fluid every 2-3 years /

         Automatic Change fluid every 10 years /

Ignition System:

         Spark Plugs Replace every 2-4 years /

         Distributor Cap Replace every 2-4 years /

         Rotor Replace every 2-4 years /

         Pick-up Coil (V-6) Replace every 3-5 years /

         Battery Replace every 4-6 years /

         Ignition Wires Replace every 3-5 years /

         Ignition Coil Replace every 7-10 years /

         Ignition Module Replace every 7-10 years /

         Engine Timing Check every 3-5 years /

Emissions System:

         PVC System Inspect every 2 years - replace as needed /

         EGR System Inspect every 3 years - replace as needed /

         Oxygen Sensor Replace every 3-5 years /

Fuel System:

         Fuel Injectors Have cleaned every 5 -7 years /

         Fuel Filter Replace every 3-5 years /

Brake System:

         Brake Fluid Change every 2-3 years /

         Caliper Slides Grease every 3-5 years /

         Calipers/Rotors Inspect every year - replace

when worn or leaks develop /


         Air Filter Replace every 2-4 years /

         Coolant hoses Replace every 5 years /

         Fan Belts Replace every 3-5 years /


Perform the following at least once a year:

         Preserve all rubber/plastic suspension components and weather-stripping with conditioner.

         Check the crossover coolant tube on the V-6 engines for corrosion .

         Preserve all leather (seats, steering wheel, shift knobs) with leather conditioner.

         Lubricate parking brake cables and contact points.

         Check coolant tube support brackets for corrosion.

         Check clear coat on wheels for nicks or chips.

         Lubricate ball joints and tie rod ends.

         Check pickup coil on V-6 engines for deterioration.

         Check coolant hoses and fan belts for damage or deterioration.

         Lubricate all locks and hinges.

         Lubricate transmission shifting cable ends - manual and automatic.

         Lubricate accelerator cable ends.

         Rotate tires and check for dry rot.

         Check to make sure thermostat opens and closed correctly - lack of use causes them to stick open or

         shut in some cases.

         Check distributor cap and rotor for corrosion.

         Lubricate clutch and brake pedal actuator rods.

         Check transmission fluid level.

         Lubricate the clutch release shaft where it enters the transmission housing-manual transmission.

         Inspect the air filter.

         Inspect battery tray for corrosion - clean as necessary.

         Check steering rack for looseness and corrosion.

         Inspect trunk, front frame supports, suspension supports and undercarriage for corrosion and rust.

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