Fiero Headlight Adjustment by Shawn Griffin

Taken from the Arizona Fiero Fever Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 7 October-November 1998

Do you ever wonder if your headlights are properly adjusted? How can you tell? Properly adjusting the headlights on your Fiero is not difficult. Your headlights should drop 2-3 inches at the distance of 25 feet. To check this, roll your Fiero close to a wall. Turn on the low beam headlights. Mark the centers of both left side and right side beams with masking tape. Measure down 3 inches and apply a second piece of tape, this will be your target. Now, roll your Fiero back so the front edge of the headlights are exactly 25 feet from the wall you should do this on a level surface with a normal load of fuel and cargo. Now, turn on your headlights and turn the adjusting screws until the top of the low beam pattern just touches the lower mark you made as a target. Your high beams should not extend any higher than the original marks (three inches above your low beam targets). That is all there is to it! Good luck!

Note: Most home garages are not suitable for this adjustment procedure as they have a few degrees of slope to allow liquids to drain out the door, away from the building. Hope this helps!

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