FOCOA Visit by Jim Hallman

On September 16, I had the pleasure of visiting the World Headquarters of the Fiero Owners Club Of America (FOCOA) in Anaheim, California while on a business trip to Los Angeles – about a 45 minute drive away in heavy LA traffic.

As my co-worker and I entered the storefront style, small business park door, walls of pictures of FOCOA member’s Fieros greet you. Several pictures were recognizable as my own and of fellow NIFE members and friends. Walking to the back of the building, Fiero Phil and Gloria greeted us and welcomed us to the museum. A row of eight Fieros were lined up in front us. Included in this line were: two Pace Cars (one with only 11 miles on it), the famed yellow T-top 1988 Formula which has signatures of all of the Fiero assembly plant employees, a hand made chop-top Fiero, a skinless Fiero, a Fiero based kit car, a red Fiero coupe and a Fiero convertible which once had a rare hydraulic lift top kit.

Unfortunately, due to the recent move back to Anaheim, much of the Fiero memorabilia was still packed away in boxes. However, the unpacking process has begun and numerous unique items were already on display thanks to Phil and Gloria’s efforts.

A unique, recent addition to the collection is a set of engineering drawings of the assembly plant layout. These drawing depict the production process of what it took to assemble a Fiero. Mera advertising signs, banners and other memorabilia decorated the walls all around.

Up front, along with the FOCOA business offices and computers, is the toy collection which included every Hot Wheels car, Match Box car, plastic model kit and friction push car you could imagine. It is hard to believe there were so many things produced that were related to the Fiero.

A still growing collection of newspaper clippings, magazine articles and obviously a picture gallery already cover or will be covering every square inch of wall space in the not too distant future.

The FOCOA Museum is always looking for contributions of anything related to the Fiero that you would like to donate for other Fiero owners to appreciate.

Thank you Fiero Phil, Gloria and Max (their pet bird) for staying late into the evening so I could experience this Fiero treasure!

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