Announcement - The Wedding Of The Year by Lothar Bacher


     The day has finally arrived! Our baby Fiero has grown up to become a fine looking Italian Lady and she found here prince charming. It was love at first sight! In shiny aluminum, he hails from the NORTH STAR family. After a one year engagement, they were recently married in Chicago.

     It was a beautiful ceremony will all of my shop personnel in attendance. The groom’s parents are from Detroit, MI - unfortunately, the were unable to attend because of the GM strike! However, State Farm Insurance issued an insurance policy and the State Of Illinois supplied a nice orange sticker with the number ’99 on it for their license plate.

     The honeymoon was spent on I-94 heading up to Wisconsin. It was newly paved - just in time for this occasion. The couple now reside in their newly decorated garage in Willmette, IL. The proud parents are Lothar and Alice Bacher…


     We finally finished the new look of my Fiero. A modified body style with a 4.6 Litre North Star engine resting upon the engine cradle. The entire conversion was done in my shop. We would like to thank our many suppliers for the parts we needed: Schram Auto Parts (MI), Howell Engine Development (MI), Moser Engineering (IN), IRM (MD), RCC Specialty (TX), Jeg’s High Performance (OH), Andrew Wood Design (MI), Ideal Tool Company (IL), Progressive Sheet Metal (IL), and R&R Body Shop (IL). I would also like to thank some fellow club members who helped find even more suppliers. Special thanks to: Bob Nielsen, Elmer Schild, Criss Moore and John Norman.


     This turned out to be a full, one year project. It took a long time to finish because we only had a few hours here and a few hours there to do it in what time we had to spare. We started with an engine supplied by Gary Zumalt. Unfortunately, after he was paid in full, he did not follow up on our calls to answer questions thereafter. As a result, we had to do a lot of  research and find technical assistance on our own. We had to ask a lot of questions and needed to purchase a lot of tools we will never need again.


     We put a lot of time into the details - we maybe even over-engineered and over-built it, but we sure had a lot of fun! We learned a lot seeing as my shop rebuilds metal working machinery, not rebuilding cars! So, it became a challenge for myself and my fellow employees to do something like this that I have never done before. AND IT WORKED!!!


     This is a project I am very proud of. It took lots of time and lots of money (I am glad I did not keep track of just how much). But, I now own something I did myself  and no one else in the neighborhood can come close to saying anything like that! Keep your eyes peeled for the silver streak of light that will be at the next car show!!


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