Sub-woofer Speaker Repair by Paul Vargyas

From 1986-1988, Pontiac offered a "Performance Sound" option in the Fiero. This system could be ordered with any of the radio options. It consisted of a sub-woofer speaker enclosure box that mounted under the dash at the passenger far right side. The box fits up under the existing opening, and protruded about 3" below the bottom edge of the dash. It housed a 5 �" sub-woofer speaker, mounted to project downward. This speaker was hooked to a separate amplifier that was mounted alongside the center console on the passenger side, behind the carpeting, and just below the area where the radio is installed. A wiring harness connects the amplifier to the radio and the radio to the sub-woofer. An additional wire that runs up the driver's side "A" pillar, connects the overhead console slide switch to the radio. A small plate that read "Performance Sound" surrounded the switch. The slide switch controls the response of the sub-woofer speaker, and allows you to adjust the level of bass tones that the subwoofer system generates.
The speaker, with age, heat, etc. deteriorates around the cone, and the speaker becomes unusable. Pontiac discontinued the speaker about 2 years ago. Due to its size, there is no exact replacement in the marketplace. Initially, through the efforts of one of our club members, Ron Dittmer, a close replacement was located (See May/June 2000 Fiero Focus). Since then, Rodney Dickman has produced an aftermarket "kit" which includes this replacement speaker and a special "sealing" ring that is needed to seal the sub enclosure for best sound response. He sells the kit for about $40.00 plus shipping (See
I had looked around at sources for reconing this speaker some time ago, but could not find anyone to do it. Recently I read an article in the Wisconsin Fiero Fanatic's newsletter about a source for this re-coning procedure. I sent two defective sub-woofer speakers to them, and within 3 days they were returned to me re-coned, just like new! The cost is $40.00 per speaker. Since you have to pay to ship the speaker both ways, figure about $12.00 for the round trip. Hope this helps you get your 'tunes' sounding like new again!
The source is:
Van L. Speakerworks
5704 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60659
773-769-0773 (they do take credit cards)

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