Northstar V12 - The next phase of Fiero engine modifications?

Ever ponder how a Fiero would handle with a V12 engine nestled in the engine bay? Never thought it would fit? It just might, believe it or not. General Motors’ new concept car, the Cadillac Cien, due to hit the car show circuit in 2002 features a mid-engine layout. Nestled in its engine bay is the innovative Northstar XV12.

This high-output V12 engine is a 60-degree, all aluminum, dual overhead cam, four-valve per cylinder engine. This engine produces 750 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque with a displacement of 7.5 liters.  It may be hard to believe, but the Northstar XV12 is the same overall length as the GM Vortec 8100 V8, with 4 more cylinders included. The width and height of the XV12 is approximately the same as the Northstar 4.6-litre and Vortec 6000 V8 engines. Knowing that Chris Moore and Lothar Bacher have perfected the Northstar V8 engine install in the Fiero, could the Northstar XV12 be next?  

The XV12 is said to achieve excellent fuel economy due to several advanced technologies incorporated in its design. One of the first is Displacement on Demand, which allows the V12 engine to run effortlessly as an inline six- cylinder engine through valve deactivation. Direct Injection technology is also incorporated in the XV12 with a single fuel injector that is centrally located spraying fuel vertically down into the combustion chamber. Variable Cam Phasing and Variable Intake Manifold assist with improving torque, combustion, and fuel economy.

Engine length is reduced by means of a Rear Chain Timing Drive which runs many of the engine’s accessories while reducing the overall height as well. Reduced oil consumption, improved oil sensors, and monitors allow the XV12 to travel 36,000 miles between oil changes!

Does all of this sound to good to be true? From General Motors? Be sure to check out the Cadillac Cien on the 2002 auto show circuit, perhaps later in a Fiero near you!

Information supplied for this article by the Automotive Intelligence News dated August 22, 2001; website located at: