Door Emblems For Your Car By David Kopielski

I was looking around for some detailing things to do to my Fiero. I noticed that on the door panels were small plastic covers with the Fiero logo debossed in them. I then thought how nice they would look if they were painted. I set about to paint them. Originally I used model paint and clear epoxy. It looked good at first, but within a month, the white had yellowed.  I then found some epoxy paint made by “Hisol” which was available in white or black. The Hisol is a 2-part epoxy paint and it won’t yellow over time.

 I mixed up some paint and tried to fill in the areas. Due to the small areas it was difficult to stay within the debossed sections. After the epoxy dried, I then wet sanded the face of the emblem with 600-grit sandpaper. Now I had a good-looking emblem, but the face was dull from the sandpaper. I looked around my garage and found a can of clear urethane spray paint. I sprayed them with a thin coat and once they were dry I was very impressed with how well they turned out.

I went to a junkyard and was able to get a few more sets to experiment with. I made another set in white and put them up on Ebay to see if there was any interest for something like this. 27 bids later they sold for $15.50! Next I went to a message board for Fiero’s on the internet called Pennock’s and posted a message with a picture of the emblems. Suddenly I had many Emails about how I did them, could I make more, and if I could do different colors.

I started experimenting with colors. I found that by adding enamel paint to the epoxy I am able make any color I want.  Some of the styles I have made are white letters with red logo, white letters with maroon logo (for Paul Vargyas’ 88 Formula), white letters with metallic gray logo, and a “GT” style with white letters, silver horse and red crest outline. The only hard part about this is the parts are not available from GM. I am now doing an average of 4 sets a week where people send me their old ones and I paint them how they want and send them back for $4.00 a set. There are even people looking around for extra sets to send me.

I can do a multitude of colors and styles. If you would like your sets done in your own unique style, just call (847-301-2684) or Email me and let me know what color combination you would like. My Email is